About Us

With international offices and a global customer base, ClickSure Payments is at the forefront of the payment processing, technology and marketing industries.

One of our key differentiators is the use of proprietary technology including a custom built gateway as well as advanced tracking and reporting technology. Tracking multi-national transactions from over 200 countries through a variety of traffic sources means we have to stay on top of all fraud and risk related issues. Combating credit card fraud forms one of our main business objectives.

ClickSure Payments is the sole owner of the network ClickSure.com which boasts a diverse online marketplace of digital products and over 350,000 affiliate marketers using this bespoke affiliate network.

If you would like to contact us you can submit a General Enquiry ticket through our support desk at ClickSure.com/support or write to one of our offices directly on one of the following addresses.

ClickSure Payments Ltd
Address: Royal Road, Labourdonnais Village
City: Mapou
State: Rivière du Rempart District
Zip: 31803
Country: Mauritius